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State of Wyoming Agency Employees
Online enrollment is available for employees of State of Wyoming agencies. During the online enrollment process, the first message you will see is an offer for the Managed Account service offered by Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), a registered investment adviser. If you enroll in the Managed Account service you are authorizing AAG to make investment decisions for you for an annual fee, which is a percentage of your account balance:


Participant Account Balance
Annual Managed Account Fee
Less than $100,000
Next $150,000
Next $150,000
Greater than $400,000

If you decline enrollment in the Managed Account service, you still have access to the Online Investment Guidance and Online Investment Advice tools. Online Investment Guidance is available at no cost to you. Online Investment Advice is available for a fee of $25 per year. There is no guarantee that participation in any of the advisory services will result in a profit or that the account will outperform a self-managed portfolio invested without assistance.

WRS also offers low-cost "pre-mixed portfolios" based on your target retirement date, which may reduce the need for investment advice, as well as a range of core investment options if you prefer to mix your own portfolio.

To enroll online, go to the First Time Visiting? section to the right, click on Let's Get Started and follow the directions. You will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN)1 that was provided in your enrollment letter. If you do not have a PIN, call the voice response system at (800) 701-8255.

Non-State Agency Employees (Counties, Cities, School Districts, etc.)
Online enrollment is not available at this time; to enroll, complete and return the enrollment form. You may also call the voice response system at (800) 701-8255 to obtain an enrollment form.

1 The account owner is responsible for keeping their PIN/passcode confidential. Please contact Client Services immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use.
Advised Assets Group, LLC is a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company (GWL&A). The trademarks, logos, service marks and design elements used are owned by GWL&A.


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